Image is gods conflicts in mythology comparable to states conflicts today?

is gods conflicts in mythology comparable to states conflicts today?

The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, said, "People think God is a man. And he is an old man and he has a beard. All these things people think. But no, God is energy. God is perfect and pure energy."

However, the Greek and Roman mythology considered gods and goddesses as immortal beings who acted and behaved just like mortal man. They were involved in all kinds of conflicts in the society where they belonged. Are there any similarities between the gods' conflicts in mythology and the state conflicts in the modern society?

Use of force to seize power

In Greek and Roman mythology, countless stories about ruling gods and goddesses, who were actively involved in wars against their enemies. In fact, it was common for them to resolve conflicts by use of force. For example, when Zeus came into the throne, he had dethroned his father.

Likewise, it is common to hear some political leaders in the today's society leading people to demonstrate in the street in order to overthrow the ruling government. Such public unrest often cause material losses especially when it involves looting or destruction of public properties. In some countries, political turmoil ends up in human losses as well.

Use of punishment to correct immoral people

In mythology punishments were frequently used to punish dishonest. For example, Zeus (Jupiter) disciplined immoral people who told lies. He also rebuked those who did not keep their oaths. Such immoral conducts were intolerable because they caused breaches of peace among us.

Similarly, it is often common for a policeman, who conduct criminal investigations to use force in order to make perpetrators of the rules of law tell the truth. Honesty is important to restore peace; and investigators may force detainees to uncover the truth through corporal punishment.

Use of violence to rehabilitate the evil-doers

The goddess Hera (Juno) was dissatisfied with the many women who dated with her husband Zeus (Jupiter). To show her anger; she punished them by injuring them and their children. She used corporal punishment to rehabilitate those women, who dared to have an affair with her spouse Zeus.

Likewise, in today's world, local authorities use corporal punishment or forced labor to rehabilitate those who need behavioral correction. Some centers are designed for that purpose and some of the detainees are delinquent juveniles or prostitutes. Rehabilitation centers are also used for criminals to teach them about peace. In today's world, some humanitarian organizations like the Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) are also involved in rehabilitating inmates and give peace education to them.

Strong government system promotes peace

In mythology, the most powerful god was able to stay long in power and promote durable peace to the dominion. For example, Cronus (Saturn) used to rule over the Titans, the elder gods, due to his incredible strength. His power was mightier than that of the other gods.

In the same way, it is common to see that the candidate with the most votes usually win the election in a country. Sometimes, the military coup in a country enables the strongest army to take control of the government.

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