Are we on earth to evolve?

Are we on earth to evolve?

Since the creation of man, humanity has never ceased to evolve both physically and spiritually. The population continues to grow, for example, and the average scenario predicts that we will be close to 10 billion in 2050, an increase of nearly 30% from the current 7.55 billion. There is no doubt therefore that humanity is on earth to evolve.

Man has always evolved 

Man has always evolved since the very beginning of life from what we all know as Australopithecus to Homo sapiens today. A purely physical evolution first characterized by the change of skull cut but also the physical abilities acquired during the millennia. The proof is therefore indisputable about the evolution of man on earth.

An evolution that is both caused by the environment but especially by the ability to adapt. All this because man has always adapted to his environment and changed his way of life to survive his beginnings, and then live. At the beginning of humanity for example, hunting or fishing were essential for survival.

Nowadays, eating is certainly an act of survival, but also life because evolution has made it possible to no longer have to hunt for meat or fish. And in the next few years, it is certain that the man will not only evolve in himself but especially evolve his way of life.

Man has received life to evolve

Man is not on Earth by chance. Life is given to man to allow him to evolve and develop.

Man must evolve during his life

Man must understand the purpose for which he was created. He must learn to know his true nature, his functioning and his role in the universe. The man has received skills and powers. Man must learn to make the best of his abilities. This will allow him to improve his life and evolve.

You are not on Earth by chance

You did not receive life by chance; you are not on Earth for a clear purpose. Life and intelligence cannot come from chance or chaos. You must be aware of it and take it into account. This implies that you have to question yourself about life. You must seek to understand the meaning of your life, its purpose, and your meaning.

You must seek to understand and to fulfill yourself. It is the condition of a full, happy and useful existence. You must identify why you are on Earth and for that you inspire people who have found their way, such as Prem Rawat.

Evolution is our finality 

Evolution does not always mean a body that changes or an increasing number, evolution is also what everyone aspires to be. Thus, a person who moves from one job to another can already be called evolution. In short, personal development is also evolution for man. And as everyone aspires to a better situation in life, evolution is always constant.

And everyone, all the countries on earth aspire to this evolution. Between the search for world peace made by individuals like Prem Rawat or associations and NGOs working for evolution together, it is clear that the purpose of man is the search for evolution.

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