5 philosophical concepts based on mythology and stories

5 philosophical concepts based on mythology and stories

Mythology and stories are the basis in philosophy. Actually, every concept and theory are based on mythology. Discover on this article 5 of them to illustrate that. 

Here are 5 philosophical concepts based on mythology and stories

From Socrate, one of the most ancient figures of philosophy to nowadays, many philosophy concepts have traveled during the human History.

1- Psyche, the concept of the meaning of life

By Joseph Campbell, Psyche is the search for the meaning of life. He adds that we are looking for the experience of being alive. He is associated with the research of the other part, the part that complete our being. Actually, this myth is associated with Eros, another mythology.

2- Eros, the concepts of passion and love

According to myth, Venus was offended by the neglect of her admirers because the latter were fascinated by Psyche. Then, she ordered her son to get revenge. However, when her son met Psyche, he was affected by Psyche's dart then, he felt in love deeply. Forgetting his mother's revenge, he preferred to be with Psyche. Later, Psyche was taken in real passion.

3- Kronos, the concept of time

Ouranos's son, the God of the weather, he took his father's kingdom and became the King. Then, his Kingdom was really more violent and without forgiveness. He had never forgiven whoever tried to confront him. The myth says that he ate his children, except Zeus. Kronos, as the King of time, could and still live nowadays. The legends refer to the children as humans and Kronos, the God of time. They were eaten, therefore taken for death.

4- Poseidon, the legend of jealousy

Ouranos' son and Kronos' brother, he solicited Zeus' help to destroy Kronos' kingdom and also became Zeus' opponents later. He had received as heritage the oceans, and all wetlands. His brothers had received better kingdom as the King of Gods. Poseidon is related to anger and jealousy.

In philosophy, jealousy is considered as an armor for us, it's natural. Jealousy is the opposite of peace, which means letting others be successful. Jealousy doesn't want the others to succeed and would get the inner mind to fight. Prem Rawat affirms peace should start with ourselves to spread to others.

5- Argos, the legend of vigilance

This monster of 100 eyes has shown that vigilance is really important. He managed to defeat Hermes by using Pan's flute. Actually, Hermes was defeated because the flute's song muffled him. It means that we can keep our eyes off but not our ears. This legend is teaching us to be mindful of others.

As Prem Rawat, an ambassador of peace and a founder of the Prem Rawat Foundation or TPFR, said during his World tour, everyone should turn to others, be vigilant to keep inner peace and not lets others destroy that. Philosophy is always associated with mythology and stories. It's because philosophy concepts are based on them. However, there are many but only 5 of them that are exposed these.

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